The palette of the inhabitants of Chanderi is assorted, corresponding to their faith, caste and social standing.  Brahmans, Banias and Jains satiate their hunger by gorging on elaborately prepared vegetarian food including Daal Baati, Kheer – Poodi, Aalu subzi, Guja Papariyan and Karhi – Chawal.   Dhimars, Ahirs, Kolis and Khatiks are more partial to Maheri (a traditional dish made […]

Malan Khoh

Situated 3 kilometres from Chanderi, Malan Khoh is a place of great natural beauty with shady trees and plenty of streams. The place is also known for a Siddha Gufa which refers to a cave where sainthood is attained by a mystic. The hill side is carved out to form rock-cut caves in which are placed […]

Shab – e – Baraut

Taking place in the Islamic month of Sha’ban, Shab – e – Baraut is traditionally celebrated to atone one’s sins in anticipation of the Day of Judgment. In Chanderi, it involves the whole Muslim community in the practice of commemorating the dead. Men gather in graveyards near their homes during midnight and pray for forgiveness […]


Vimanotsav is celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm by the Jain community Of Chanderi. It is celebrated in the month of Bhadon by the Hindus while the Jains celebrate it in the month of Kuar. The Hindus gather in the main bazaar with miniature statues of all gods and goddesses on their shoulders. The procession […]

Flora and Fauna

With the largest forest cover among all the five tehsils of the Ashoknagar district, Chanderi is a place rich in both flora and fauna. Teak, Sal and Bamboo are the main indigenous species of the region. The forest also provides shelter and essential habitat for a wide range of wildlife. However, in recent years, the […]