Natural Resouces

Located on the Malwa plateau, the major natural resource at Chanderi is sandstone which is quarried in its hinterlands.  Wood from the forests in the vicinity is another source of income for the area but unchecked deforestation and over-grazing has led to serious depletion of the forest cover. Among other forest resources, are bamboo, gum, […]

Sheikh Cemetery

The largest among all medieval cemeteries of Chanderi, it is locally referred to as Sheikhon ka Kabristan. It contains innumerable tomb structures which are now in a dilapidated condition. Also within the campus are three mosques, one of which is installed with an inscription dating to AD 1702. It mentions that a Sufi saint is buried […]

Yunis’ Tomb

This cenotaph belongs to a Christian, possibly a traveller or a mercenary. The inscription on its headstone is in Persian, written in Nastaliq calligraphy, recalls the death of one Yunis. It mentions the date of death as 16th Jamad – ul – sami, AH 1232, that is, AD 1816 and that the order for the construction […]

Harkunwar Tomb

The Harkunwar Tomb, believed to be of a eunuch saint, is situated in Bhahar Shaher, near the Hauz – i – Khas. A striking monument, the tomb is unlike the contemporaneous pillared tombs and those where the central burial chamber is surrounded by an arcade, which are found in Chanderi. The walls of the chamber are […]

Rimjhai Baodi

The Rimjhai Bawdi, located in the Madhao Nagar area of Bahar Shaher is in desperate need of attention and restoration. It is square in shape with steps descending down to the water which continues to be quite clean. An inscription is installed within the bawdi walls but is eroded beyond decipherment. Near the bawdi is a […]